We will prepare a design for you and fully realize it. With our design you can be certain that your new interior will not only be beautiful but also fully functional. Invite us to be part of your project as early as possible. From the first stage of the construction we can influence many areas and affect changes to avoid unnecessary work and extra costs. For example the preparation and distribution of electrical wiring and plumbing, and planning of key building elements following the design – i.e. doors, staircases, glass surfaces.

From the architectural draft we will make a 3D visualisation allowing for tuning all possible construction irregularities. We will make the home you imagined come alive.

Why us

We identify ourselves with the following

We keep our promises: quality, on time delivery, and streamlined process.

Špičková kvalita
Top quality

We use the highest quality materials and we offer outstanding craftsmanship.

Zakázková výroba se vším všudy
Custom production with a complete service

We will take care of everything so you have time to do your own things and sleep peacefully.

Pořádek a průhlednost zakázky
Order and transparency

We manage all our projects in a production planning system.

Funkční design
Functional design

We create interiors that please the eye and are easy to live in.


We follow the latest trends for you.

Our Projects

Selected references documenting our passion - honest carpentry, meticulous work and maximum utility.

The listed projects present some selected designs and custom-made interiors. These are complete implementations as well as partial renovations of family homes, luxurious apartments or newly built houses.